random thoughts to confuse and enlighten.


Greetings my confused.

Thought of today: vowels. They can be fun. In case you forgot what a vowel is:
A; E; I; O; U. And their dog, Y. Like, A would totally say whaddup to Y. Because Y’s his dog. But, for the sake of today, we’re forgetting about their leg-humping friend ‘Y’ and briefly discussing the true vowels of the American alphabet.

Starting with the letter A. A is without a doubt the best vowel. It is the first letter of the alphabet. Therefore, it’s number 1. It is the hydrogen of the English language. It gets it all going. It is also the best vowel to chill with. However, it needs some more words to hang out in. From now on, I want to replace all of the Os with As. But only in nouns. Hear me out. Instead of this being a blog it’s now a blag. Instead of Y being a dog, it’s now a dag. And make sure you really emphasize the A sound. Like you are going to throw up while saying “nah.”

Alright falks. Try it out.

what the fwaah.


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