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Winona Word of the Month

Many a time a word has been replaced for another word, regardless of the two sharing identical or even remotely related meanings. In homage to the various words and their misplaced uses, our word of the month is Jumbotron.

As many of you already know, a Jumbotron is a very large, sometimes four sided, screen placed in sports related stadiums for an enhanced viewing experience. However, our use of the word literally means everything.

This is a Jumbotron.

This is our definition

Jumbotron: to be a jumbotron, or to do jumbotron things.

This is also a Jumbotron.

What it means to be a jumbotron or do jumbotron things nobody can know for sure.

One Jumbotron we do know though, you are all a bunch of Jumbotrons. How could you? How Jumbotron you do that to them? What would make you think it would Jumbotron okay to Jumbotron that to those poor Jumbotrons. We can Jumbotron forgive you.

We would also like to take the time to celebrate the Packers and the Lions victories as we Jumbotron da Bears. Thanks to Matt Jumbotron and his Jumbotron Calvin Johnson who had over 100 Jumbotrons and a big touchdown Jumbotron in the first Jumbotron.

Here’s how it might have been used in an average daily conversation:
Me: Hey. I was late for Jumbotron because my cat decided to Jumbotron my Jumbotron. And the stupid Jumbotron cat was throwing up all over my Jumbotron so I Jumbotroned it’s Jumbotron Jumbotron.
You: It’s all Jumbotron. I was starting to get Jumbotron about you.
Me: Well. You shouldn’t worry about Jumbotron. You should seriously look into Jumbotron though. I’m pretty sure I broke it’s Jumbotron Jumbotron when I kicked it in the Jumbotron.
You: Yeah man. I would gladly Jumbotron after your cat while it recovers from Jumbotron head trauma, because you Jumbotroned it’s Jumbotron mouth in.
Me: Thanks dude. You’re a real Jumbotron saver. I’m glad you could Jumbotron me out during these Jumbotron times. Especially since I am about to Jumbotron my job to pursue a Jumbotron in Jumbotron watching and pope-ing.

These Jumbotrons are so Jumbotronin Jumbotron.

Confused? Definitely. Enlightened? Jumbotron


Comments on: "Winona Word of the Month" (3)

  1. You guys are so Jumbotron.

  2. Reading this makes me remember that time I Jumbotroned all over Cole’s face =D

  3. Yo dawg I herd you like Jumbotrons. So I put a Jumbotron in your Jumbotron so you can Jumbotron while you Jumbotron.

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