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Archive for October 20, 2011

Relating Things

Greeting friends.

New idea for you to be the center of┬áthe┬áparty at your next Bar Mitzvah. Relate things that don’t relate.

“My bed is not that good of a bed. The sheets always fall off. It’s way too small. And I’ve never gotten a good night’s sleep on it. However, it is a lot better than being eaten alive by a lion.”

Person 1: “Hey. Can you please help me out with my Zoology homework?”
You: “Well, It’s a Tuesday. So I could help you out. ”

Person 1: “Do you think that Panda Bears are the most evil of bears?”
You: “I took a cold shower today, so probably not.”

As you see. Pandas really are the most evil. Also, the most cute.

Don't mind me. I'm doing panda stuff. Eating twigs.

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