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“Students, please tell me about Christopher Columbus.”
“Man. That boy is crusty.

Crusty as defined by Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary: The leading word defining machine since that schnozzle, Webster.

Some definitions:
1.Someone who doesn’t shower or bathe as a statement.
2. a fan of the genre of harsh punk rock/hardcore music called crustcore, crust punk or simply crust.
3. Adjective used to decribe old people,a gross unidentified substance, anything broken, dirty, crumby, badly made/conceived, falling apart, stupid, wierd, gross, this word can be used very freely as it goes with anything that may have to do with the word crust but it never describes anything good.
4.Something grotesque, dirty, or hideous.

The most common definition is to be smelly. So lets go through and discuss the most crusty people out there:

10. Eleanor Roosevelt

9. Pig Pen

8. Genghis Khan

7. Amy Winehouse. Too soon?

6. Man From India

5. Krusty

4. Flavor Flav

3. Jocelyn Wildenstein

2. Galileo

1. Christopher Columbus

Take a shower guys. Get that crust off yo’self.



Comments on: "Crusty" (5)

  1. Nobody comments. What garbage.

  2. YES!! Haha 8th graders man…… 😉

  3. Also, this cat. Pretty crusty.

  4. […] Gah. Words can not express the amount of vile that shit was. Fergie looked like a mix between Jocelyn Wildenstein and Leonidas. […]

  5. […] Amy Winehouse Christina Aguilera Fergie Liz Phair Yoko Ono – Only because of what she did to the Beatles Queen Latifah Danity Kane – One of their albums went platinum. I hate this. Duffy […]

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