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Forgotten Importance

Hello Fwaah-er’s, it has been quite a while. We here at What the fwaah wish you a belated happy holidays and a very happy New Year as well.

On a more serious note, I bring to you a story, one of sadness, blandness, loss, and hope. This is the story of Lake City. Many of you may have heard of Lake City, MN, because of the recent news of the shooting of a police officer. However I am here today to alert you of a much more depressing, frustrating, and pressing matter.  I am here to make you all aware of the Lake City High School Mascot. LCHS is known as, “the lake school” or “that one school that’s on that lake”. Unfortunately, creativity was thrown out the window when deciding what the Lake City High School mascot should be, creativity was instead replaced with repugnant, putrid, disgusting unoriginality. The Lake City High School mascot is a Tiger 


This is a Tiger and its little Tiger Cub


This is a Lake

as you can see, Tiger’s are not related to Lakes in almost any way. I cannot express how maddening this little city has been for me to think about, and the thought of it doesn’t leave my head.

here is a list of names that are acceptable for a place called Lake City.

The Lakers     The Sailors   The Fish   The Fishermen   The Seahawks   The Seagulls

Any of the above names would be millions of times better than the Tigers. Maybe someday, someone from Lake City will read this blog and realize what a Travesty and a laughingstock their high school must be and will attempt to fix this mess.

Until then,