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Warning. This post has a lot of clips. That is because I use them to back up my argument. They are evidence for my case. They are entertaining, and worth your time. But feel free to skip them. Some points lack clips, and that’s because finding specific clips on Youtube aren’t always there. As usual, comment any additional points you’d like to make. No need to sign in either. It’s dope. -Cal

Ah. A movie post. It’s been awhile, although Adam’s quote from Men in Black 2 was prime. But I’ve been watching some “classics” recently. Like Space Jam and A Goofy Movie, to be specific. But I noticed something recently. There are two movies that are very similar!

A Goofy Movie



Seriously guys. These movies will definitely be a part of our generations forever. Which is one part sad, and one part amazing. I’ll let you decide what the sad part is, and the happy part is simply defined as: A Goofy Movie is fantastic. After all, Ebert gave it a “two thumbs up” …according to its box.

But come on, how can you watch this scene and not; 1. Feel extremely happy, 2. Feel extremely nostalgic, 3. Feel extremely extreme. As in, “Man, the sequel to this will totally be extreme.”

But then there’s Superbad. I mean, this movie totally came at such a prime time. It was riding off the Anchorman and 40 Year Old Virgin trains. Those two movies completely paved the way for crude humor and teen movies. (Like, there are way more predecessors, like Kevin Smith’s Clerks, but we aren’t even to the main point of this blog yet so we’re rushing through this part… I would also include “Dude, Where’s My Car” into that list, but Ashton is the back up for Charlie Sheen, and Jonah Hill is up for some award for Moneyball with Brad Pitt. Point: Apatow).

However, both these movies share some serious similar characteristics. At the bare minimum both movies are a high schooler trying to get the girl that he’s always wanted. I mean, that in itself is basically the sameĀ  plot line for both movies. But let’s expand:

Similarities between Michael Cera’s character (Evan) and Max Goof:

Both are kinda nerdy guys.

His name is Max Goof. Seriously. Nerd.

George Michael. Wait.

Both can run really fast.

Both are seniors on the brink of leaving for college.

Both are going after a girl.

Max Goof and Roxanne. Also, the name Roxanne will ALWAYS be associated with Red Lights for the rest of my existence.

Both have large sidekicks.

PJ. I remebered the guy's name, I promise. That's how much I love this movie.

This guy is up for Golden Globe. Like, every fat guy ever is saying, "I could be the fat funny guy!" Jonah is a hero.

Both have a third friend that’s kinda the outcast of the group, that pulls it together by the end.

Both choke and suck at talking to girls.

Similarities between the plot lines:

Listen, we already hit the big one. Both movies are about high school kids trying to get the lady.

Both characters face “troubles” trying to get the lady.

The Perfect Cast. (capitilazation, necessary). It catches Bigfoot and Dads.

Both make promises to the girl that they didn’t know they could keep.

Both movies end with the main characters talking to the girls awkwardly, but finding that they liked them all along.

Random similarities:

Both have a gym scene where a fat person is having difficulties.

Both probably aren’t as funny as you’d swear they were.

Both have cute redheads.


Yeah, this is kind of a stretch for a similarity... you're saying, "Cal, there are cue redheads in like every other movie." shut up.

Just Because:

I rest my case.

Yo Stacy! Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me baybay!

Fwaah, Cal.