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The Big L.

We all know him, heck, everyone knows him. Samuel L. Jackson; a man of many movies. He has acted in over 100 movies since 1972. Everyone has a favorite Samuel L. Jackson film, what does the L. stand for, anyways? (Leroy). From S.W.A.T., to Deep Blue Sea, to Black Snake Moan. While none of those were what you or I would call good movies, he had great yelling scenes in all of them. (Which he is famous for in my mind)

Sorry for the redirections on the videos, these scenes were hard to find.

I bring you here today to take a look at my top 5 of this 63 year old super actor.

Note that I’m going by the role he played in the movie, rather than the movie quality.

Number 5.  Unbreakable

Yes, he is in a wheelchair

Ah Sammy, one of the few, if only role in which he plays a handicapped man. Oddly enough he is also the villain (sorry for spoiling that). Jackson plays Elijah Price, a man born a cripple extremely interested in comic books and the comic universe as a whole. Later in the film we find out he is the opposite to super-human David Dunn (Brucey Bruce Willis). His whole goal throughout this cinematic venture is to find and expose David Dunn to his true identity, and when he finally does, he is sought after and convicted by the Five-0. Solid Movie, Solid Role.

Number 4. The Incredibles

Yes, he was Frozone


Oh, Frozone, the best best friend a superhero could have. He boards all over the place on his own icey creations and saves the day a few times with his cool talking and his even cooler touch.

Number 3. Snakes On A Plane

I believe these two scenes say all that needs to be said about this movie.


Number 2. Jurassic Park

Jackson played a rather minor role in Jurassic Park, leading up to his future stardom. As the lone black character in my favorite movie of all time, naturally he had to die. (because the black guy always dies) Sammie boy plays John Arnold, the engineer for Jurassic Park. Who keeps everything running while depending on Dennis Nedry(Newman) for way too many things than he should. This ends up being the death of him and many others. Great role, Great Movie.


Number 1. Pulp Fiction NOTE: (Viewer discretion advised on these videos, as language was an issue in Pulp Fiction)


Puuuuuuulp Fiction. Two and a half hours of pure craziness. Jackson plays Jules Winnfield; a philosophical religious man who deals in the drug/hitman business. Throughout the movie we see a sort of transformation in him, from the gunslinging cold blooded killer to the soft, wise, Jules in the diner; giving away his wallet and vowing to travel the world until God tells him to stop. Fantastic role, Fantastic movie.

I’d love to hear your favorite Sam J movies in our comments section below!!

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