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Nostalgic or Just Sick?

As a selfish way to promote the blog, I would like for you to know that you can open up the ‘comments’ section and click on the ‘facebook’ or ‘twitter’ link. That way it is an easy way to share us with your friends. I know, this is a blatant begging for the views. But I need them. Give them to me. I’ll have Gob follow you to your carThe other thing is, this post is going to relate to about nobody. So my friend like Josh Mitchell is not going to be able to relate to this post. And for that I apologize. But, hopefully he’ll enjoy it anyways. 

Middle School. We all did it. The worst three years of your life. The constant battle with trying to be “normal.” Eh. Whatever. This blog is not about that. We’re about references, and bringing up stuff that you have not thought about in a bit/ever. But here’s where I’m getting at my little confused marmots (last night, Cole and I were chillin and watching Lost when Cole farted. I looked at him and I was all like, “Something is dead in you. A thing died in you!” And Cole was all like, “Yeah man, it’s a marmot.” That was the first rodent he thought of. A marmot. Like, not a rabbit or raccoon. A marmot. Cole’s mind is a scary place). We listened to garbage in middle school and high school. Yeah, you know what else sucked? High School. Like, not all of it. I am not about to rip on high school. It really wasn’t the worst thing ever. As for the music goes, there were some gems in there. But man were there some poop-pies.

The music was either like angsty punk or angsty rock or just angsty angst. Hey the 90’s have been done for a bit. It took us middle-schoolers and high kids awhile to realize it. So here’s what I gotta do. It is my obligatory obligation to oblige you with a list. A list to break down the music we listened, broken down in two categories: 1. Music that is worth going back and listening to again. and 2. Music to bury and repress those memories like a bad camp memory where you were sick because you ate too many uncooked hot dogs and then fell out of your bunk bed because you had to puke, but the fall knocked all the air out of you so you couldn’t make it to the bathroom or even outside so you ended up puking all over yourself and cabin. Or, at least, the memory of your elementary school friend Michael Smith pissing on you. As always, we’re gonna miss some stuff. Let it be known in the comments section. 

I did do some research for this blog. I know, “research” is more like casual conversations. But here me out, interviews are primary sources.


These are some great bands that you might have forgotten ’bout. But, you know, they still exist in many cases, and are worth your time to check out again. Most of these are pop punk bands. My friends and I were all about that. In no particular order, we’ve got:

Motion City Soundtrack.

Commit This to Memory - 2005

These guys are from Minneapolis. And their most recent album, My Dinosaur Life was really really good actually. As far as pop punk goes. But it’d be worth checking out Commit This to Memory Again… again.


My Chemical Romance.

The Black Parade - 2006

Brosephs, I know. It doesn’t get more emo than this. But! The Black Parade is absolutely phenomenal.And I mean that. I still enjoy this album. It’s got guitar solos, and not every song sounds the same, and like… drums… Check these guys out. Adam actually made me listen to these guys back in 2006, and I have never regretted it.



Say Anything.

...Is a Real Boy - 2004. Re-Issue: 2006.

What I mean is, …Is a Real Boy. Check that album out. Don’t listen to In Defense of the Genre. It’s not good. But, knowing my friends, ...Is a Real Boy has never once left our iPods since 2006. It defines high school for me.



Everglow - 2005

Everglow - 2005

Honestly, I forgot about these guys. But they’re still good. Everglow feels like an album. And most music that I lsitened to back in the day ws just a bunch of singles. But Everglow flows really well.




Never Take Friendship Personal - 2005

Hahaha. No seriously, these guys had some good tracks that haven’t aged. I swear. They’re still good. I promise. Is this what false security tastes like?

…Wait, this is what they sound like. I thought they rocked. They were so heavy man!

…Yeah. Still on the fence. I saw Anberlin perform this Summer and they were awesome. So… That counts for something. Shut up.

Linkin Park.

Meteora - 2003

Um. I’m serious. Is this post losing all of the faith in this blog in one post. I’m not even done yet. I am going to crash and burn this site harder than Italian boats captains.

– Side note: Adam and I watched this music video like every time we hung out from 2003 to 2005.


Riot! - 2007

Hayley Williams.



The Postal Service.

Give Up - 2003

These guys are Indie gods. You all know this. If you haven’t done so in awhile, go back and just listen to this album. Its completely mind-numbing. Ben Gibbard’s best music. This isn’t an argument. Everyone agrees with me. Ben Gibbard’s best life moment: getting Zooey on lock. And then getting divorced is basically like the divorce of Zeus and Hera, only in terms of the future of scene kids everywhere. Ben and Zooey’s kids were going to be the coolest kids ever. I already hated them. And they didn’t even happen.




As before, no particular order.

Relient K

Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek - 2001

Two Lefts Don't Make a Right... But Three Do - 2003

Mmhmm - 2004

Mmhmm - 2004

This is a weird pick, because they had three albums that I jammed to all the time. And since then, they have sat on my shelf collecting dust and stories. They’re like the Buzz and Woody of my CD collection.

The Darkness.

Youtube video is all that is needed.

– Like, the whole album is worth listening to once more and then leaving alone. But this song should forever have a starting spot on your iPod.

Circa Survive.

This album is worth a check out. His voice was awesome back in high school, and now sounds terrible. Worth one last hurrah!

– Remember when titles of songs could be paragraphs? Thanks Fall Out Boy/ Devil Wears Prada/ Circa Survive….Which Reminds me.

Fall Out Boy.

From Under the Cork Tree - 2005

Their best album, Folie a Deux, came out my freshman year of college. And I still listen to that album quite a bit, actually. But their other stuff is worth remembering.


Okay. There’s too many to like… talk about… So I’ll talk about some and leave the others to just yourself to remember.

First off, let’s just get these outta the way, rock bands:
Decyfer Down
Family Force 5
The Classic Crime
In Flames
Rise Against

Wow. Some of those hurt to look at. Kinda hit me. Because, I’d defend early Trivium to the death man. And Emery was like the first screamo band I ever listened to! And I listened to State of the Union by Rise Against last weekend. But they really are best to just forget about.


My buddy and I were on a two hour car drive. And we got on the topic of high school, and just depressing music that he used to listen to after his girlfriend broke up with him. It was hilarious. check out this list:
Panic! at the Disco
Mayday Parade
and Blue October
…Here’s some videos reminding you to never listen to them again.


You know who else we need to move on from?

Hardcore bands anyone:
A Day to Remember
Sky Eats Airplanes
Bullet for my Valentine

They were on your iPod or Zune. or Zen. Don’t lie. Forgive and Forget.

Oh Yeah. Just a couple more…
Green Day
Good Charlotte
-You listened to them. Don’t lie to me about it. It’s on your xanga.
All-American Rejects
Cobra Starship
Shiny Toy Guns

And one more:


Switchfoot’s army is about to kill me.
I still wanna like Switchfoot. I do. Like. But I can’t. idk. brb. How are these guys still headlining festivals? Same with Skillet. Hey Christians, other bands have come out in the last decade. You can like them too. Switchfoot hasn’t come out with a good all around album since The Beautiful Letdown. Switchfoot fans everywhere are ready to blow up. “Dude! ‘Oh! Gravity’ was so good!” No it wasn’t. And I heard the song Dare You to Move enough times to not listen to Switchfoot ever again. You were fun Switchfoot.

That’s all I wrote. You didn’t read any of this did you? Good thing it took me all morning. Gah. Pathetic. It was fun to take a ride on the nostalgia train.

So guys,
Nostalgic or Just Sick?

fwaah, Cal

Comments on: "Nostalgic or Just Sick?" (9)

  1. dude, eagles of death metal and kings of Leon. also I never listened to green day past 7th grade, I got into old punk and had a real bad taste in my mouth about pop punk. I hated blink and had never heard a single song. I just knew. because high schoolers were wearing their brand new t shirts. same with good Charlotte. God for awful. I listened to dir end grey though in my senior year so…

  2. Say Anything is my favorite on the list. Taking Back Sunday needs to be somewhere on this list! Tell All Your Friends is probably one of the best emo angst records there is, and they’re still releasing music.

    Umm Senses Fail, The Used, The Killers, Underoath, All Time Low all could have been somewhere on that list too

  3. Thanks for making me feel old… jerk.

    • Yeah. The blog mentions at the top that this blog really alienates pretty much the entire population. My bad. You’re not old, you just have more brithdays. And baller kids.


  4. I agree with Jaron. But here is a little rant.

    Something Corporate
    Death Cab For Cutie
    OK Go
    Red Hot Chili Peppers?
    Tegan and Sara
    James Blunt
    Hello Goodbye
    Lost Prophets
    Hot Hot Heat
    Dashboard Confessional
    Franz Ferdinand
    The Foo Fighters
    Goo Goo Dolls
    The Offspring
    Beastie Boys
    Sum 41
    Modest Mouse
    The Gorillaz
    The Starting Line
    The White Stripes
    Counting Crows
    Elvis Costello
    Rilo Kiley
    The Bravery
    Jimmy Eat World

    Overall, i liked your list. And i still listen to more than half of them. teeheeeeee.

    love you cal.

    • Yeah, trust me. I could’ve gone through my iTunes and have found some classics. Jimmy Eat World, Muse, and Modest Mouse are still worth going back to.

      *Sidenote – Where did Muse go? They were awesome. Their music is timeless, right? Right?! It’s not shallow. And it’s catchy and good and talented… They just disappeared…

      The Gorillaz are still making awesome music.
      And so is OK Go

      I love that you just threw down this list. When we talked earlier you suggested Good Charlotte, and that’s pretty much it. Thanks a lot Linds.


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