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Movie Monday!

They wrote that?!?! Edition.

Seth Rogen: Apart from being crazy hilarious in both films, not many people know that actor Seth Rogen actually wrote the scripts for SuperBad and Pineapple Express. When Seth was still awaiting his big break into the entertainment business, he, along with buddy and co-writer Evan Goldberg, had a competition to see how many one-page movie scripts they could write. Two of those scripts eventually got a full-length treatment, and were turned into the comedies we know!

Jim Rash:¬†Fans of the tv series Community will recognize Jim Rash as the flamboyantly questionable, “please-get-out-of-my-personal-space” Dean Pelton. What many don’t know, but are soon finding out, is that he is an award-winning screenwriter, winning the 2012 Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on The Descendants. The dude is seriously streets ahead in his writing skills, and I’m looking forward to seeing his return to television come March 15th. Here he is wearing silly costumes and being sexually ambiguous.

Kevin Grevioux: A Minnesota native, Kevin is known as “the big werewolf with the really low voice” from Underworld. Cool thing about that is that he actually wrote the first copy of the script as well as came up with all the original characters! The movies are pretty dope with some cool vamp action going on as well. Plus Kate Beckinsale isn’t all that bad looking…


Leigh Whannell: I can’t believe I forgot this one! Shout out to the Calamander for bringing it to my attention. For those of you who, like me, thoroughly¬†enjoyed the first Saw film, and cringed through the rest of the series, shouting at the film screen as you strip off your clothes in revolt against the downward spiral of film quality, this trivia is a real treat. Turns out the guy opposite Dr. Gordon in the original bathroom trap, Adam, was actually the guy who wrote the film! He met the director, James Wan, when the two were studying at RMIT. They shot a short film which would be the basis for the first Saw film. Here’s a copy of the stellar theme song, which encapsulates the creepy tension of the first film.